Eyebrow Threading Services

Well groomed eyebrows hold great power and visual impact on your facial appearance. Using the precision threading technique, our trained and experienced brow stylists will identify and thread the most suitable shape for your brow giving more character and depth to your eyes and face. Our complimentary GENTLE BROW MASSAGE relaxes and soothes you to a moment of bliss

100% Natural Product

The products are all natural made with organic ingredients. They come in wide variety of fragrances including vanilla oak, lavender sage, french vanilla chocolate & coffee, sunflower, ginger tea and many more. We also carry unscented products.

Body Lotions

Sunscreen Lotions(SPF30, SPF45)

Sugar & Dead Sea Salt Scrubs

Vegan & Goat Milk Soaps

Body Wash

Lip Balms

Lip Scrubs

Natural Deodorants

Waxing Services

Waxing it is about grooming and cleanliness. Now at Feather Touch we offer are services for removal of hair on legs, hand, underarms, upper lips, face and eyebrow shaping and quick wax over the nose. The discomfort experienced is very short and will be quickly forgotten as you enjoy your long lasting smooth skin take a deep breath and realize that its nothing to worry about with our trained professional.

Henna Tattoo

For over five thousand years, henna has served as a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality in the Arab world. In ancient India Vedic custom of henna is centered on the idea of “awakening the inner light.”Henna tattoo are temporary tattoo best suitable for any of your upcoming events, fashion shows or specials. The indo western style tattoo designs are widely used over hands and feet of ladies on various occasions to create a style avowal of your own. Henna paste is safe to use, skin friendly and provides dark and deep color.

Skin Care & Facials

Face is the index of mind and reflects your inner beauty. Engage our professional care to nurture your face with care and show your best. In caring for skin and face there is no one solution for all. A careful examination of your skin type and condition, your profession and personality, where you live and season of the year all play an important role in choosing the right facial regimen for you. Come in for a consultation with our experienced and certified professionals, try our organic, real gold and specialty facials and experience real beauty, your beauty.

Seasonal Facials

As the season changes, so does the skin. The skin evolves through the four distinct seasons. Nurturing and taking proper care at each stage is vital aspect of your beauty regime. We will assist your skin through the season and emerge you with FEATHER TOUCH seasonal Facial for Spring and Summer Fall and Winter leaving you feel relaxed and enriched.